Connect With Us!

Connect With Us!

Meet the Pastor

Pastor Debbie Rarick

Dr. Debbie Rarick, Pastor

Pastor Debbie joined BHBC during the summer of 2016. A few months later, she was hired as Church Administrator, and filled in pulpit supply as needed. Since April 2017, Debbie has served as pastor.

"With God's guidance and help, I endeavor to serve our congregation and community well. Join us as we spread the message of the gospel of Christ, emphasizing God's compelling mercy, and life-transforming grace. We want to walk with you on your faith journey.

I personally invite you to "Come follow Jesus with us!" Join us on zoom or in the room (in person)!      - Pastor Debbie

Following Jesus

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Following Jesus (Sunday School)

Do you wonder what it means to "follow Jesus" and how that can look in your life? Many Christians struggle with knowing how to live out their faith.

Experience a safe place to learn and begin the foundations of the works of your faith as you learn things like how to:

  • Pray
  • Love God and one another
  • Study the Bible
  • Share the Gospel
  • Serve one another
  • Follow Jesus

Our "Following Jesus" Sunday school is led by Pastor Debbie and begins at 9:00am CT, on Zoom and In the Multipurpose Room.




The CORD, Community of Recovery and Discipleship, is a powerful, effective, and unique community of recovery and practical discipleship centered around following Jesus.

Meetings include worship, biblical recovery teachings, sharing hope, fellowship, and prayer.

Chirst-centered recovery ministry at BHBC will resume this spring. Details to come! Please contact us for more information.

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When We Meet

Weekly Schedule (all times Central)


(Zoom and In the Room)

8:30am  Sunday Prayer - Zoom Link

9:00am  Following Jesus (Sunday School) - Zoom Link

10am  Worship Service - Zoom Link

BHBC Sermons

Worship Music


(zoom and in the Room)

6:30pm: Mid-Week Discipleship
Current Study:  Outside Words, a book by Pastor Dr. Debbie Rarick - Zoom Link

End Blame, Shame, and other Word Games!

In this book study, Pastor Debbie helps you

  • Differentiate between people and what they say
  • Intentionally harness and direct the power of your words
  • Find the courage to relate with your whole heart
  • Bring peace into painfully irritating relationships
  • Take personal steps to honestly engage with God
  • Utilize laughter to lighten the soul of both the listener and speaker

7:30pm: Mid-week Prayer - Zoom Link